New Links not listed in the list of trackable links

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New Links not listed in the list of trackable links

Post by Lanbo » Mon May 11, 2015 11:04 am


A customer of ours has a problem with OpenEMM: Whenever they create/copy a new mailing and change add/change links in it, they are not appearing in the list of trackable links. The list is never updated, and only contains the links from the original mailing the new one was copied from. We tried even making a new mailing from scratch, using the blocks, but the problem persisted. Changing the links will cause OpenEMM to just put in the URL as is, while changing it back again causes OpenEMM to insert a tracking URL.

We could not find any help on this problem by Googling, maybe I'm missing the right words (There's not much experience with OpenEMM itself here). I hope someone here can give us a hint on how to correct this behaviour.