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Post by sannc » Fri Feb 13, 2009 3:59 pm

Hi there!

I got a problem after moving an OpenEMM installation from one server to another. Here's what I did:

- install OpenEMM from scratch on the new machine
- copy old (working) OpenEMM database from old to new server
- overwrite new ~openemm directory with the one from the old server

The problem is that I get the error
An error occurred
Cause: javax.servlet.ServletException: /settings/salutation/list.jsp
in the settings of the OpenEMM webinterface. The problem occurs just in "Settings" and there just in the sections salutation, mailloop, profile_fields and admin. The blacklist and the update function work fine.

The problem smells as if there were some issues with old cache entries but I did not figure out a way to delete the cache.

Some info on the environment:

- JRE, MySQL and Python are exact the same versions on both machines
- OpenEMM version is 5.5.1
- OS is Gentoo Linux

I'd appreciate your help :-)

Best regards