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Artica 1.5.080101 For OpenEMM

Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:49 am
by dtouzeau
Artica is an Open source Web management console with a daemon that helps everybody to build it's own server without any technical skills.
It is based on Postfix and allow to create multiples Postfix instances and provide a full MTA - Mailbox server (webmail too).
The new 1.5.080101 Artica version is now able to auto-install, configure OpenEMM on a single click.
A dedicated SendMail instance is installed in order to make it compatible with a postfix installed on the same computer.

the Artica project website can be viewed here :
some ISOs (32bits or 64bits) allow you to install all the system (Debian+Artica) trough a CD-ROM can be downloaded here : ... ica%20ISO/

Have fun !

Here it is some screenshots.