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Post by shofer » Tue Dec 05, 2006 3:00 pm


I want to use OpenEMM for more than one company. So I'm interested in a multi-installation of the software. That means I need a strict breakup between the installations. - Without having two servers or two virtual machines.
I’ve walked through the forum and found some information:

There is a commercial version of OpenEMM which supports such an installation natively.
-> Where I can find details about this version and how much would it cost?

The function of multi-installation will be implemented in the future.
-> Is that right and when yes is there a roadmap where I can see the date of release? Or a forecast?

Is it possible to install the software more than one time on one Server?
Perhaps it would work this way:
1. Install resin + openemm as in the documentation
2. copy the openemm java-applet (2. directory in the webapp directory)
3. Create a second MySQL Database
4. Edit the Mailgun.ini and change the location to the new database.
5. Configure resin that the second installation is reachable with another port.

I think this would work, but what I’m not sure is the part witch deals with sendmail.
Is there a problem when two threads have access to sendmail at the very same time?
Have someone tried to install OpenEMM this or a related way?