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Yahoo considers me spammer

Posted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 11:20 am
by sfantul
I have a problem .
Yahoo seems to have blacklisted me.
In order to whitelist my IP i have to answer to 17 question.
For one of them i'm not sure if i have the correct answer even if i have read the bounce management python scripts (i'm not 100% about the policy)
I'll post it here and i hope one of the developers would help me (yahoo is my 4'th top domain so its very important).
6. Please specify your policies pertaining to both soft (4xx) and hard

(5xx) SMTP response codes or bounce messages.

a. Do you remove email addresses from your mail server or list if emails to them bounce?

b. How many bounced emails are required before you consider an email address to be inactive and subject to removal from your list?
i. After an email address reaches your bounce limit, how long (i.e., minutes, hours, etc.) does it typically take to remove the email address from your list?

c. Are there any circumstances under which you ignore the standard definitions (4xx) being temporary and (5xx) being permanent, and instead apply your own non standard interpretation? If so, when/what/how?