FCK replacement by CK

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FCK replacement by CK

Post by posbis » Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:47 am

Hi, happy new year to everybody

I am very curious about the upcoming release of OpenEMM 2013. THere seems to be a lot of work done. Great job !

But I must say, I am a little bit disappointed that FCK Editor replacement has been postponed to OpenEMM 2014. The current editor really is not a highlight as I already outlined in a forum post. It is not rezisable and has lots of nasty bugs with IE9. I think replacing it with another one would be a "more or less simple task" (I know the OpenEMM Tags Menu must be reimplemented).

If OpenEMM 2014 really appears in 2014 then this is a long and painful year to work with current editor. I would really appreciate it if that task could be given priority over "cosmetic" improvments such as heatmap adjustments. I know for some people heatmap is important to get their stats but the primary goal should be a smooth and working system.

BTW, you should have a look at the Aloha Editor as well. This is the rising star in der HTML 5 WYSIWYG editors. Its features are very, very impressive and implementation is very easy. Worth looking at it.



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Re: FCK replacement by CK

Post by maschoff » Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:29 pm

We are working on CK editor integration right now and we may publish a 2013 R2 version later this year - depending on general workload.
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