OpenEMM Sources on Bitbucket and Github

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OpenEMM Sources on Bitbucket and Github

Post by ronoaldo » Thu Nov 28, 2013 3:24 pm

Hello OpenEMM authors, contributos and users,

While I was working on OpenEMM setup for my company, I noticed that it is a bit odd to build it from sources. Then I decided to try and port the build system to Maven, and to split the front-end application, backend scripts and configuration, help application and webservices appplication into Maven modules, allowing you to more easily deploy them to different servers, allowing for more complex setup. Also, by building from a well known tool like maven, it may be easier to build also distro packages for Debian and RPM based systems, using either the distro packaging tools or the maven plugins available for that tasks.

The work is still in progress, and I'm talking with the OpenEMM authors to make this a reality. As of now, please consider this work a temporary fork, as a prof-of-concept, that may or may not be accepted by the authors. No one is obligued to use this build system, but since there is a good ammount of developers that are used to build software using the Maven tools and facilities, it may be a great opportunity to have more people involved. Also, using a SCM is a must to be able to review and evaluate patches.

Currently I'm pushing changes to repositories at Bitbucket ( and Github ( Choose the one you are more used to, git or mercurial. Feel free to fork and send pull requests, and maybe fill issues if something is missing or not working properly from the maven build.

I am planning to merge the mvn branch into the default branch as soon as the resulting binary distribution is exactly the same as of the original one, and keep the original sources, as distributed on source forge, under an upstream branch so we can also build using the current tooling if we wish to do so.

If you want to load the project into Eclipse, folow the instructions on the file on both repositories.

Happy hacking!

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Re: OpenEMM Sources on Bitbucket and Github

Post by johnbendi » Fri Dec 20, 2013 9:08 am

I'm fully in support of this effort. Thanks for working on this for those of us that prefer working with a git based workflow and using maven and related build tools. I'll be making my own contribution in whatever way I can.


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